Rhinoplasty Surgery in Istanbul

Rhinoplasty surgery that is so important operation for both of the patient and the surgeon, should be performed by versed and expert surgeons. Considering the fact that the human face is the most remarkable area at first sight, the importance of the visual of the nose can be understood more clearly. Moreover, the nose has a direct effect on the general characteristics of the human face. The result of the cosmetic surgery is concern closely to both the physical and mental situation of the person. You should be informed correctly about the rhinoplasty surgery which is known to be quite difficult for the surgeon too. Also, you should be informed of any complications that may occur before and after the operation and any details that await you. For all these reasons, it is very important that this surgery is very well programmed and performed correctly.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Techniques:

All the problems about the nose are detected during the examinations before the rhinoplasty surgery. Today, different methods can be applied during the preparation phase and rhinoplasty operations. Some of these methods can be applied as a way to get an idea about the visual situation of patient after the surgery by using the latest technology. Of the patient whose 3-D photographs are taken, 3-D view can be prepared and a new nose shape can be designed by simulation device. At this stage with including the patient, the patient and the surgeon can decide on the shape of the new nose, together. Then the mask of the new nose is prepared with the 3D Mask technique. Thus, the post-operative appearance of the person is pre-rehearsed in this way.

Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey

Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey can be performed using two different techniques. One of these techniques is open and the other is closed method and according to the decision of the surgeon is applied. In open technique, to the tip of the nose is entered with a V-shaped incision. Today, closed surgery is the most preferred method by surgeons. Video endoscopic imaging is performed with the help of incisions made through the nostrils. With this surgery method, problems such as nose reduction, cartilage tissue disorders, nostril asymmetry, nasal tip decrease can be corrected. In closed surgery (rhinoplasty) method, self-close sutures are applied into the nose and these sutures do not need to be removed after the operation. With this method, applications such as tamp and plaster cast are not needed. Post-operative period will passes with Silicone splints and nasal strips that make breathing easier.

After Nose Aesthetics Surgery

After the operation, the patient’s health status is evaluated and hospitalized overnight if necessary, and then discharged. According to the general condition of the patient, splints are removed 2-3 days after leaving the hospital and a protective tape is worn over the nose. Afterwards, the patient can return to normal life in a few days after surgery and can bathe in the first week of the operation and perform activities that do not require high effort. Achieving full recovery may vary depending on the type of surgical operation performed and the patient’s healing process. Before and after surgery for any questions and problems you should definitely talk to your surgeon and get all the information you need from him. The more natural the patient’s appearance gained after the operation, the successful it can be said about operation. In this sense, it is of great importance that surgical marks such as sutures are not seen. Of course, the important thing is that the nose performs its function fully after the operation. This is one of the most important criteria to measure the success of the aesthetic operation. The operated person should be in comfort in his / her daily life and should not have any further problems due to surgery. An other important subject is rhinoplasty surgery benefit. It is important that the person can get maximum benefit from rhinoplasty surgery both physically and psychologically. Thus, you must have the priority of a qualified surgeon and an experienced team.

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