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What is Mammoplasty?

Mammoplasty Turkey is a surgical procedure that is often preferred in recent years. This type of aesthetic preferred by women who are dissatisfied with their breasts is one of the most sought after aesthetic types of people. The breasts can be deformed over time for reasons such as frequent weight loss and childbirth. Other than that, people may find their breasts large or small. In this case, Mammoplasty is used. So, what are the types of Mammoplasty?

Mammoplasty is divided into 3 types. It is possible to sort the types of Mammoplasty as follows.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a type of Mammoplasty that is applied to women who think their breasts are large and want to reduce their breasts. Breast reduction surgery is not applied only to the breasts that aesthetically appears bad. Women with large breasts may have problems such as a herniated disk or shoulder collapse. Therefore, breast reduction and breast lift operations are performed in women with extremely large and saggy breasts. Thus, problems such as herniated disk or shoulder collapse can be avoided.

In breast reduction surgery, the breast is reduced in proportion to the person’s body size. Breast tissue and skin are removed with small incisions made under the breast. Then the nipple is moved up. After breast reduction surgery, small scars may remain in the breasts. However, these scars will fade over time, by taking on the body’s color.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a type of Mammoplasty that is preferred by women who find their breasts small and want to enlarge their breasts. In this procedure, the breast shape, nipple position and breast symmetry are corrected to increase the volume of the breast tissue. Breast augmentation is usually done by using silicone, the person’s fat tissue can also be used. This method is preferred especially in breast augmentation operations which are carried out in an integrated manner with the fat-free operation; it is more beneficial than the silicone method. Breast augmentation is performed with the help of T-shaped incisions under the breast, just like a breast reduction operation.

Breast Lift

The third type of mammoplasty is breast uplift. In women, breasts sag as a result of some causes such as age, pregnancy, and weight loss. Breast reduction surgery is performed to erect dimmer and saggy breasts; sometimes, breast reduction and breast lift operations can be integrated with the way sustainable. Breast uplift surgery is performed with different techniques depending on the sagging of the breast.

Our Mammoplasty Service

The person who wants to have Mammoplasty should be extremely careful about the operation. The success rate of the outcome after breast aesthetics directly affected by the quality of the preferred clinic and the professionalism of the doctor. In this respect, we provide our patients with the highest quality Breast Aesthetics Service.


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