Plastic surgery in Istanbul is at a quite important point on the world. Turkey’s aesthetic surgery in many European countries is in a much more advanced level. Plastic surgery in Turkey, especially plastic surgery in Istanbul has proved itself in the international level. Turkey is a global brand in plastic surgeries. Researches confirm that Turkey is among the most preferred countries in the world for plastic-aesthetic surgical procedures. According to the most recently published report by the ISAPS (The International Society of Plastic Surgery) Plastic surgery in Istanbul is ranked eighth in the world and second in Europe. Plastic surgery in Turkey came to this position with 20 years of meticulous studies, success examples and high service quality. Turkey provides many plastic surgery treatments in Turkey at affordable prices.

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, commonly referred to as “plastic surgery” is a surgical discipline that involves reconstruction, shaping and all kinds of aesthetic interventions on the body. Plastic and reconstructive surgery is the correction surgery for all congenital or subsequent deformities. In fact, it is possible to say from hair to toe, disorders of all structures in our body are the interests of Plastic surgery. An important segment of the society thinks that the main goal in the Department of Plastic Surgery is to “beautify”. But that’s not the main target. This is of course also important, but it is aimed to improve patients with the treatment of viral diseases in this area of ​​surgical intervention. It should be kept in mind that plastic surgery should be performed by a qualified doctor. Turkey also perform high quality and in advanced level on non-surgical plastic operations such as face lifting, mezolift, radiofrequency, regional slimming, mesotherapy, ultra-shape, botox Applications, etc.

Plastic surgery fields in Turkey are; Facial deformities (congenital masses, rare facial cleft), Cleft lip-palate, Craniofacial-maxillofacial abnormalities (e.g. deformities, irregularities, deficiencies of the jaw, face and head bones), Orthogenetic surgery (Jaw closure disorders), Other deformities such as the absence of auricle, auricle, Nose defects, tumors, ruptures, Salivary gland problems, Congenital tumors, nevus, masses, vascular malformations, hemangiomas, Bone and soft tissue traumas of the face, Maxillofacial surgery (Bone defects-fractures-shape and function disorders, jaw surgery due to traffic accident, tumor and other reasons),Repair of head and neck tumors and their defects, Lack of breast, asymmetry or excess breast tissue, Post-cancer breast reconstruction, Gynecomastia (Male large breast),Congenital anomalies of the genital organs (Epispadias, hypospadias, vaginal agenesis and the like),Repairs of genital organs, replantation of severed organs, Chest and abdominal wall defects, Hand surgery (Traumas, tumors, finger transfers, finger repairs-extension and so on),Hand and foot deficiencies and deformities, Peripheral nerve problems (traumas, neuropathies, defects, masses),Skin and soft tissue tumors, Acute burns as well as deformities, contractions, shrinkage, damage to soft tissues caused by electrical and chemical substances, Wounds caused by various infections, radiation and other effects under the skin and skin, Chronic wounds (such as pressure sores, venous wounds and diabetic foot wounds).