PRP Hair Treatment Turkey is applied during hair transplantation with the aim of accelerating wound healing and hair growth after transplantation. The aim of PRP Hair Treatment Turkey is to revive the hair follicles that have started to shed and have lost their strength and healthy structure. It was observed that hair loss decreased, and hair strands thickened in the treated area.

Our hair weakens due to many reasons such as physiologically progressing age, deficient and irregular nutrition, genetic factors, intense use of cosmetic products, stress, wears, weakens and enters the process of shedding. Although many cosmetic products have been developed to protect the hair strands, effective hair treatment is scarce. Especially male individuals make hair transplantation process for their shedding hair. PRP Hair treatment İstanbul is the most effective treatment to prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair strands.

How to Treat Hair with PRP Hair Treatment Turkey?

The main purpose of hair treatment with PRP is to prevent the loss of existing hair strands, to strengthen the hair strands. If your hair is severely shed, the correct procedure is to apply PRP with hair transplantation. People who have hair transplantation with PRP do not encounter hair loss problems. PRP treats the hair follicles to make them more alive and healthier. PRP Hair Treatment Turkey can also be applied to both men and women.

In people who have been treated with PRP following hair transplantation, wound healing occurs in a very short time. Red dots and scabs that occur after the surgery disappear quickly and the hair growth potential of the transplanted roots increases.

What is PRP?

PRP means the person’s own natural plasma fluid, which contains considerably more platelets than it should. Prp (platelet-rich plasma) is a widely used application in the treatment of muscle and skeletal system diseases, repairing tissue and cartilage damage as well as strengthening our hair and preventing hair loss problems.

The procedure is centrifuged for approximately 15 minutes with the 8-10 cc blood Prp tube taken from you. During the centrifugation, the growth factors, the cytokines are concentrated in the upper part of the tube, while the red and unnecessary part in the blood collapses under the Prp tube. These platelets are removed through the syringe and small amounts are injected directly under the skin into the patient’s hair. 15 min after the procedure, cytokines, growth factors become active and the hair begins to repair the hair. You will start to feel the effects of Prp slowly in the first days, after approximately 1 month, the average will be the full effect if you can feel the improvement in your hair after 1 week. Although the normal process works in this way, the treatment needs of the hair in the person who is performing the procedure is one of the most important factors affecting the healing process.

How Many Sessions Should Be Applied in Hair Treatment with PRP Turkey?

When the PRP Hair Treatment Turkey is applied for the first time, 3 sessions are recommended. The interval between sessions should be a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 21 days. Prp treatments show the highest effect when repeated 3 times at intervals of 5 – 21 days.

The recommended number of PRP sessions is for maximum effect but is not mandatory. Each PRP treatment session will reduce your hair loss and make your hairs fuller and stronger.

The success of hair treatment with PRP varies from person to person because PRP Hair Treatment initiates biological repair (tissue healing) from the patient’s own blood, because each person’s age, genetic structure, etc. are different, and the healing power of the body is different.