Mustache Transplant in Turkey

Mustache and beard are very important for men to reflect their unique style, is indispensable for people who care about for the exterior looking.

Mustache Transplant in Turkey is applied to men aged 24 years and older who complain about the density and shape of their mustache. The process of adding hairs to the upper lip area of ​​the persons who cannot remove or suppress the lips is called mustache transplant treatment.

In this process, a method called FUE is used in mustache transplant in Turkey. Local anesthesia is used in this method and microsurgery is performed for 2-3 hours. Finally, painless sutures are applied. With FUE, the hair follicles are transplanted into the patient’s skin layer without any problem. The person who wants to have the plantation decides for himself how much hair root is taken from which part of his hair. The hair follicles taken are added to that part of the person with the help of planting tools up to 0.7 mm.

If there are sparse areas about 4 months after the first sowing, a new sowing process is possible. Since this planting is quite difficult and requires fineness, it should only be done by experts. Otherwise, sowing may give negative results.

How Does the Process Before Mustache Transplantation Work?

Mustache planning should be made if you are suitable for mustache cultivation during your interview with your specialist. In this planning mustache-cultivation, it is decided how many roots will be planted during the process, in which regions sowing and which technique will be applied. Planting the hair in a healthy and comfortable way to be fed more than necessary for planting. Therefore, it is useful to be consistent by taking the advice of your mustache transplant specialist.

Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard transplant in Turkey, which is a life-saving practice for many men, is performed in private hospitals and hair transplantation clinics in Turkey. All of the beard transplanters were satisfied with the results and achieved the appearance they wanted. Every year millions of foreign tourists come to Turkey for Beard Transplant. Foreign tourists, who had both visits and operations, improved their appearance while having a holiday in our country with beard transplant which received successful results with favorable prices and payment terms.

Is Beard Transplant A Painful Operation?

Beard transplant in Turkey is an application made by transplanting the hair from the neck to the beard. Beard transplantation does not cause pain because it is done with very small needles and the application area is numbed. Since sedation, which is the most up-to-date anesthesia method, is performed during beard transplantation, no pain or pain is felt during or after the procedure. People who have beard transplantation can return home immediately after the treatment and wash their beard after 48 hours.

Beard Transplant is a permanent application. Since the stem cells taken from your own hair follicles are planted after the application, the beards that appear with a natural appearance are permanent for a lifetime.

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