Why Hair Transplant Turkey?

Using FUE DHI Ultimate Technique; hair transplant Turkey received perfect results on patients.

There are some steps of FUE DHI Ultimate Technique using hair transplant Turkey such as;

  1. Evaluation Before Hair Transplantation
  2. Planning the Area to Be Treated
  3. Using Painless Hair Transplantation Anesthesia Technique
  4. Taking Grafts from The Donor Area
  5. Maintaining the Viability of Hair Follicles Before Planting
  6. Applying FUE DHI Ultimate Technique for Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplant Turkey

Special Products and Special Treatments Using After Hair Transplant in Turkey

  • Ozone Therapy with Multivitamin Complex Application After Hair Transplant in Healthierge which is the most active and effective form of oxygen, with a 5-minute mesotherapy session and a multivitamin complex with ozone steam, there are vitamins and minerals that strengthen the hair follicles, thicken the hair, accelerate healing and hair growth.
  • A Hair Laser Treatment Application to Patients who had hair transplantation at Healthierge: It is a laser treatment after the first wash in for 5 minutes which protects the hair and supports its growth.
  • Golden Cream: It is an Healthierge invention that provides complete healing in 24 hours, with no scars in the area where the hair is sown.
  • HealthiergeMED Protective and Care Products Such as Shampoo, Foam, Serum and Multivitamin Tablet: Healthierge recommends using its HealthiergeMED preventive and care products for 1 year.

Hair Transplantation Process

a- Evaluation Before Hair Transplantation:

With Professional Hair Analyzer which is used on special and selected clinics all over the world, our doctors studies on the structure of hair and scalp. And then, they check the angle of hair follicles.

Professional hair analyzer is using because for to detect hair and scalp problems, unravel these problems and to determine the most appropriate technique. Also; Professional Hair Analyzer is using for taking grafts without damaging the hair follicles, the area taken, and the follicles are planted at an angle for the most regular results lets you to decide.

b- Planning The Area To Be Treated:

The success of the surgery depends on the determination of the frontal line of the forehead in hair. The front line of hair in the forehead must provide the most natural appearance. The special scale front line drawing tool, which is developed by Healthierge, ensures that the drawing is done professionally to ensure the most natural appearance.

c- Using Painless Hair Transplantation Anesthesia Technique:

Local anesthesia with needleless special device used in for painless application of hair transplantation is only touched on the skin by the silicone cap. With this method, it is possible to eliminate the pain. But in conventional hair transplantation local anesthesia injected through injector which causes pain and makes the patient uncomfortable. The other special technique used in Healthierge is unshaven hair transplant which means hair follicles are taken from the back of the head by low speed micromotors.

d- Taking Grafts from The Donor Area:

Taking grafts from the donor area is done through the optivizer microscopic goggles, which are used in famous clinics around the world. By using optivizer microscopic goggles, the hair follicles are removed carefully and without any damage.

e- Maintaining the Viability of Hair Follicles Before Planting:

Special tissue and organ transplantation solution that aims to maintain the natural environment in the body ensures the grafts alive until transplantation.

f- Applying FUE DHI Ultimate Technique for Hair Transplantation:

FUE DHI Ultimate Technique is the most advanced technique for hair transplantation. The hair follicles that are applied by FUE DHI Ultimate Technique can be taken from the donor area and placed in the area where they will be planted takes 1 or 2 minutes.

As a Conclusion:

Applying FUE DHI Ultimate Technique for hair transplantation gives the least damage, no pain and most successive results. Also, it is the most advanced technique in the world. Hair transplantation process is significantly short and recovery time is shorter than the other methods. The most important thing is that with this method patients have more natural look.

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Safety First

Strict protocols are applied to all treatments and at all levels to guarantee 100% safety.


For the extraction and the placement tiny disposable instruments are used with a diameter of 1mm or less

Maximum Growth Guaranteed

Grafts viability rate is above 90%, while industry’s average is about 45%, as per FUE DHI ULTIMATE studies.

Only by Doctors

The procedure from start to finish is performed by medical doctors, trained and certified by the reputable medical schools.

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