Smart Dental Implants

Even if you do not have any teeth, or if your existing teeth will be removed, you can have Implants on the day your teeth are pulled, and you may have fixed teeth on the same day with the method of Same Day Implants Turkey! In cases with bone deficiency in the posterior regions, it is possible to make fixed prostheses without the need for further surgery by using angular implants with Smart Dental Implants Turkey.

Advantages of Smart Implants in Turkey

  • Implant and prosthesis can be performed practically in many cases without the need for further surgery.
  • To save time and reduce costs.
  • To make temporary fixed prosthesis for the patient on the same day. In this way, to ensure that one is not missing from social activities.
  • To make a temporary prosthesis which can be based on aesthetics and function for future permanent prosthesis.
  • Reduces implant-assisted dental practice from 6-12 months to 1 day.
  • Patients say that chewing quality, confidence and comfort levels have improved greatly.
  • It removes the discomforting prosthesis on the healing gums from the palates.
  • After treatment, patients complain almost no complaints.
  • Patients feel renewed self-confidence with new smiles.

Under What Conditions Can Same Day Implant Turkey Be Applied?

  • Full toothless jaw small molars if there is sufficient bone mass and density in intermediate
  • Teeth are to be drawn facilities that can be a good cleaning process in extraction sockets (eg laser), if applicable
  • Pre-Filming is brought to a good level of oral hygiene

Same Day Implant can be used in the following situations:

  • Single tooth implant
  • Multiple implants
  • Whole mouth implant

Hair Transplantation Costs

Same day Implant treatment Turkey means that you have an operation on the day you come to our clinics and leave with your new tooth. This is the ideal solution for patients who are told to wait for months for implant treatment. Our patients never have to wait without teeth with this method. They leave on the same day with beautiful tooth.

Same day Implant treatment Turkey is an effective treatment method to patients coming from both abroad in a short time.

Implants and teeth are completed in one day, we see that the treatments are frequently applied in recent years. It is possible to apply the implants on the same day, even after the teeth have been removed, in the patients whose mouth conditions are suitable for this treatment and have sufficient jawbone.

Such cases, of course, get rid of the inflamed and sick teeth in a day, healthy implants in a day when they get attached to the teeth with a great change and continue their lives in a healthy way.