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Smart Implant Method is using for dental implant in Istanbul. With Smart Implant you can be treated in one day and go your home. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots implanted in the jawbone to support dental dentums. Dental implant applications are often preferred in the presence of missing teeth that disrupt the aesthetic of tooth and smile. In dental implant applications, artificial tooth roots produced in harmonious material in the body tissues are placed in the jawbone with a small surgical process in a sterile environment. The implant, which is fully adhering to the jawbone, will carry the prosthesis to be placed on it. It is possible to make implants or teeth in a day, but it knows not possible for every case. Because depending on the bone quality of the person may be possible according to the determination of the physician. If there is no systemic disease, if there is no problem in opening the mouth, smart implant can be made in one day.

Dental Implant in Turkey: Smart Implant Technology

Smart Implants, rapidly adhering to the jawbone to achieve implantation in 1 day, with a special surface of the human body and the top are implants that can be used even in people with bone meltdown and prevent bone melting in the areas of the jaw bone in which they are applied.

Same Day Implants

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  • Duration of Implant Treatment: The capacity of the implant used in the jawbone is the important factor that determines the duration of the Smart implant treatment
  • Healing Rate of Gum and Jawbone: A successful implant application; when the implant is securely pinned to the jawbone, the gum and jawbone are healed and the implant is grasped, the implant becomes a natural part of the mouth.
  • Osteoporosis (Bone Melting) In the Jawbone of The Implant: Osteoporosis (bone melting), which can be observed in implant applications, is one of the important of undesirable outcomes and is more frequent in diabetics. If there is no bone in the person and there are inflammations, the tooth dream is not possible in one day. Firstly, the inflammations will be treated, if the bone is not enough then bone graft process bone will be formed, after the formation of the bone implant to be made and the teeth will be done in the last implant.
  • Structural Durability of The Implant: The duration of healthy implants in the mouth is close to the main teeth. The quality implant material used today is titanium and titanium alloys, which are also available in the “Smart Implant” content and have high durability. For different requirements, quick implants are used that are produced in different features and sizes. In the areas of osteoporosis, using long and special shaped forms of rapid implants, the implant is secured to the healthy jawbone. Implant prices are determined after inspection. Dental implant costs vary according to the process and methods used. Healthierge Facebook Page
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Dental implants are a quick treatment option provided that the pre-examination is meticulously carried out and that treatment is performed diligently in a sterile environment and post-treatment care guidelines are adhered to.