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How to Calculate the Cost Per Graft?

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Graft is one of the terms that appear everywhere for people who want to have hair transplantation. Hair transplantation graft calculation is an important element necessary for performing the hair transplantation process correctly. Hair transplantation pricing is determined entirely by the number of grafts.

Graft Number Required For Good Hair Transplantation

The graft does not mean hair follicles. It is the name of the alanine, which contains a small amount of skin with hair follicles. There are approximately 2-3 hairs in one graft. For example, 2000 grafts mean 4000-6000 hair follicles. Before the hair transplantation, graft calculation is performed by specialist doctors to determine how many grafts the person needs. Then the graft is taken from the donor area between the two ears at the back of the head to meet this amount and transferred to the bald areas. Accurate graft calculation depends on a number of factors. The most important of these is that the amount of grafts in the region to be grafted depends on the adequacy of your donor region. For a good hair transplantation, there is enough hair in the donor area. Similarly, the hair and scalp structure of the person is a determining factor in graft uptake and calculation. For example, if the amount of grafts you need is called 4000 grafts, you should understand that you will plant approximately 9000-12000 hair follicles. The graft calculation is determined during the preliminary interview examination under the control of specialist doctors. During the examination, a precise number can be given with the hair graft calculation tools.

Cost per Graft

Tests and examinations performed before the hair can be listed as the removal of hair grafts during the operation, separation of the hair roots from the grafts, sorting the hair follicles according to the direction and shape of the hair follicles, opening the holes in the region where the hair will be transplanted.

Graft Calculator

The graft calculation is performed by specialists in the polyclinics according to the structure of the hair and the condition of the region to be transplanted. This is the most accurate calculation method. However, in general, the frequency of hair can be grouped into 3 different groups. These are sparse hair, medium dense hair and frequent hair. A calculation according to the density of the hair can be done as follows.

Let’s sort the hair from the top of the middle side brow according to the posterior middle section. Let’s determine 4 regions in this ranking. According to these regions;

1 graft = 1.75 strand in region 1 (above eyebrow, side and front)

1 graft = 2.5 hair in the 2nd region (above and below the anterior)

Zone 3 (middle section) 1 graft = 2.45 strand

Zone 4 (back) 1 graft = 2.25 strand

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What is important in the number of grafts is the area to be transplanted. If there is only hair in the nape and other areas are open, 7000 grafts are required, and if there is anterior opening only, 1500 grafts will be sufficient. In addition, after hair transplantation, it only holds 94 to 96 percent. The most accurate hair transplantation price will be determined after the inspection of the doctors.

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