Turkey, in terms of medical tourism and healthcare, is accepted leading top 5 countries in the world. The factor underlying this success of Turkey is all about to understand the medical tourism stages Turkey well.

Medical Tourism can be defined as traveling to a country other than their own country in order to obtain any treatment application within the subject of medical, surgical or dentistry.

The Success of Medical Tourism Stages in Turkey

Turkey has all the necessary facilities for medical tourism activities. The most important of these is the technological and manpower infrastructure of the hospitals that provide medical services, as well as their touristic riches with their geographical location, natural, cultural and historical beauties. In particular, private hospitals numbers on the increase with the services offered in the health sector, the quality of specialist doctors and health personnel, technological possibilities of increase of Turkey’s medical tourism will provide the fore and is thought to be ahead of their competitors in the country.

Reasons for Choosing Turkey

One of the most important reasons is to provide high quality service with more reasonable prices than the countries where they live. In Turkey, providing quality service, with qualified staff, to be in the hospital with advanced technological equipment is an effective reason.

Arrival to Istanbul

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Long waiting periods required for the operation of foreign countries, restrictions which, in some treatment in a number of problems related to insurance still is among the reasons for the preference of Turkey. In addition to this, in order to be treated with considerable charm that provides the opportunity to have a holiday to Turkey from patients.

The place of Turkey in world geography, the effect of the existing tourism potential of health services, technological equipment of world-class hospitals and doctors and human resource quality, not competitive when compared to developed countries’ price, the 7th largest to have geothermal resources in Turkey in the world and Europe are the other advantages of Turkey.

Many hospitals, especially a-class private hospitals, have started to participate in medical tourism fairs worldwide and established “Foreign Patient Departments” within hospitals to provide better service to foreign patients. Since medical tourism stages in Turkey is a concept that requires special attention and is based on trust, the establishment of these departments has facilitated the work of patients.

Medical Treatments In Turkey:

The medical services provided include the following in Turkey in general. These are;

  • Eye surgery
  • Dental operations
  • Test tube applications
  • Hair transplantation
  • Knee Surgery
  • Aesthetic and plastic operations
  • Cardiovascular diseases


Istanbul: The City of Sultans

Turkey, to improve patient treatment at affordable prices for every budget and a warm sunny climate offers the opportunity to stay and holiday. Implant and other laboratories in Turkey for porcelain prostheses also are preferred. Especially foreigners coming to Turkey for dental treatment, receive quality health services more cheaply.

Turkey’s preference is not the only reason to be cheaper than European countries. For example, one of the reasons of those who chose to come to Turkey for IVF, the rate of success in the first attempt in Turkey is higher than in European countries.

The Middle East countries from Eastern Europe and foreign patients for the treatment of cancer as well as in vitro fertilization treatment prefers to Turkey. One of the devices used only in five countries in Europe, is located in Turkey made significant progress in cancer research and treatment. Thus, foreign patients coming from abroad, no row with their offered services at world standards without waiting for both to be treated and finds the opportunity to make holiday for aesthetic surgery with the increasing importance of medical tourism has entered Turkey among the preferred countries. Chest aesthetics by Turkey, especially for women, stomach and nose is quite a high demand for surgeries.